This OpenAI skeptic wants Sam Altman to make ChatGPT a force for good

Gary Marcus has emerged as a rare, vocal critic of the hype surrounding AI's leading company and its technology amid the generative AI boom.

Elon Musk's pay package approval was a 'mistake' and Tesla needs to keep him in check, some institutional shareholders say

Elon Musk's $55 billion pay package was approved, but some institutional Tesla investors remain skeptical of the CEO's leadership.

Amazon built a big business with tiny orders. Now Walmart is stealing the strategy.

The typical Amazon shopper makes more than 70 purchases per year from the site. Walmart says its members are making more one- and two-item orders.

China wants a fleet of aircraft carriers for pride and power, and it's building it at a breakneck pace

China is rushing to build a fleet of aircraft carriers and making major technology jumps. It sees deep value in these powerful assets.

Conditions for rate cut emerging in South Korea, says presidential official

SEOUL (Reuters) - Stabilising prices are creating an environment to cut rates in South Korea, a senior presidential official said on Sunday. "(South Korea) is one of the countries with the most stable price levels compared to other countries globally," Sung Tae-yoon, policy chief for South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, told a public broadcaster KBS. "Therefore, I believe an environment where

AI could supercharge offshoring

Artificial intelligence could supercharge offshoring by making workers in developing markets more efficient and able to take on higher-skill roles.

Nigerian inflation rises in May to new 28-year high

By Elisha Bala-Gbogbo ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigeria's annual inflation rose to a new 28-year high of 33.95% in May, official data showed on Saturday, worsening hardships that have fuelled public anger against President Bola Tinubu's economic reforms. It was the 18th straight month that inflation has risen, up from 33.69% a month earlier. Price pressures have been spurred by Tinubu's reforms,

Elon Musk has a lot to lose — or gain — based on who wins the presidential election

Elon Musk and his companies stand to benefit in different ways from a second Trump administration compared to a Biden win in this year's election.

Peru economy expands in April, highest growth in over 30 months

By Marco Aquino and Aida Pelaez-Fernandez (Reuters) - Peru's gross domestic product expanded 5.28% in April from a year earlier, the government's INEI statistics agency said on Saturday, the highest rate in 32 months. The figure reversed the contraction logged in the prior month and was well above the 1.4% growth predicted by analysts polled by Reuters, also coming above government expectations